1) Bluebird Early Learning Centre is for all the family. We consider our Educators to be a part of a child’s extended family. To ensure foundations for future growth, we embrace and endeavour to maintain the intimate feel of our homely centre.

2) We uphold the rights of the child by promoting and believing that all children are our future. We encourage positive relationships between peers, children, adults and members of the community so that our children can feel valued and unique, and learn the basic skills of life through meaningful experiences.

3) We endeavour to provide a safe, clean and caring environment where children have freedom to choose their activities and make their own decisions.

4) We welcome parental involvement at whatever level the parents feel comfortable with, and consider any feedback or suggestions to be extremely valuable and appreciated.

5) We believe in creating a stimulating learning environment through play, as this supports children to explore experiment, enjoy and discover their physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them. Our programme incorporates a balance between Educator and child initiated activities and is designed to cater to children’s individual interests, needs and varying levels of development, whilst having the flexibility to be spontaneous and non-restricting.

6) Our Centre invites community members to regularly share experiences with the children. Excursions/Incursions are planned to enable the children to become involved with the community

7) We provide a high standard of hygiene and food preparation. Menus incorporate balanced meals that meet the recommended daily nutritional needs of children within each age group whilst reflecting a wide variety of cultures. All children’s medical, cultural and religious needs are respected and taken into account when menus are being updated and planned.

8) We encourage children and educators to interact with and be respectful of each other. This reflects our anti-bias approach to children and their families, accepting uniqueness in language, culture, customs, religious beliefs, spirituality, and values. This inclusion means all children are part of and participate in their environment. It means not just being there, it means being with, learning with, playing with, communicating with and socialising with their peers.

We strive to make everyone feel part of the “Bluebird Family”.